Bad Weather Procedure



If the regional weather conditions are known to be extreme ie: prolonged severe frost/heavy snow or severely waterlogged then the game can be postponed at the discretion of the home club after consultation with the league secretary or the league referees secretary. Under such circumstances, the earliest the decision can be made is the day prior to the scheduled date of the game whilst the latest is one hour prior to the time that the visiting team would be scheduled to commence their journey.

In all other circumstances a referee should be called in to make the decision in the following order of availability:
1: The match referee (subject to time and travelling distance)
2: Another more local referee who must not be connected with either club
3: If no referees are available for any early inspection, contact Lawrie Forrester who may be able to
assist if he himself is available.

It is the responsibility of the home team to arrange early inspections. Contact should also be made to the away team thus giving them the opportunity to attend the inspection if they wish to do so.


Should the match referee attend to inspect the pitch, half fee would be payable if the game is postponed.


Notification of postponement:
Upon reaching a decision to postpone the game the home club must immediately inform the following:
1: The away team.
2: The referee (only if the inspection was done by another referee).
3: The league secretary or fixtures secretary giving details of who carried out the pitch inspection.
4: County FA for any county cup competition fixtures.


For clubs using private pitches a groundsman would also have the authority to inspect and postpone games. If this is the case then the notification of postponement above must be followed. The standard late KO fine would be waived if all 3 parties (home team/away team and referee) all agree that an extra half an hour would be beneficial and means the game is more likely to take place.


Be pro-active when the weather is unusually bad. Early communication is essential to reduce unnecessary travel for all involved.

If there is anything you are unsure about then please contact the league secretary for clarification.