Team Results


Guide to Results Reporting

Following this Sundays game:

1.       Log in to Full-Time (link is here) by clicking on the “Sign in” link towards the top-right

a.       From the Admin Home page click on the "Results/Stats" button.

b.       Select the relevant match from the list that appears.

c.       Enter in all the details that are requested.

d.       Once you have finished click Update.  This is important as it will save what you have done.

2.       Then click the "Statistics" button.

a.       Under the Team Marks section enter the referees mark (out of 100).

b.       Click Update.

3.       Then click on Statistics

a.       Select your starters/subs from the registered list of players.

b.       Select any goal scorers from this list as well.

c.       Also input if there are any own goals in your favour.

d.       Click Update.


All teams will be expected to use this system - this does not replace the SMS text system.  It is now the formal method of submitting your team sheet and referee marks so remember if it is not done within 3 days of the match you will be fined!


Comprehensive Full-Time user guides are available to view and download (click here).  Any issues please contact Lee Ward on or 07877 930824.