Online Player Registrations

The Online Player Registrations through the Whole Game System (WGS) will continue this season.


Club Secretaries will need to log into the WGS using their FAN and password. It will be same as the one you have used for Affiliating your club with the County FA and dealing with disciplinary matters. Link to WGS.


You will have a tab on your WGS dashboard that will say Player Registrations. Click on this and work through each player ensuring the details are correct. AN EMAIL ADDRESS IS MANDATORY FOR ALL PLAYERS. Add any that are not there using either the search facility or by adding new ones. This document will take you through the stages. Ignore the bits about photo id, parental consent and the section on what the league needs to do as these won’t apply to you!


Make sure when you have a list of all of your players that you tick each one and click the Confirm Offline Consent button. Then tick each player again and assign to a team and then select them again and click Submit to League. YOU WILL NOT NEED TO SUBMIT TO COUNTY FA!


Offline consent can take any form you want but you may be required to confirm that a certain player has consented to join your club. The County FA or the League may ask you to prove this at any time. In my opinion the best way to “sign” a player is still to get them to fill a form in and sign it and an updated form is available here. This way you will  get all the details you need from them to do the Player Registrations listed above. Then keep these form safe for your records and in case they get called in at any point.


There is also an online forum that you can join here. This is used to give updates on the Pilot and can also be used to ask questions of the people at The FA that are running the pilot if you have an issue.


If you are in doubt then please do not hesitate to contact Lee Ward or Lawrie Forrester.