Player Registration Form



These forms can be used to sign players to your club. There is no requirement to submit these to the League or County FA as we are now doing online player registrations. However if requested by either the League or County FA you will be required to prove that a player has agreed to join your club. A signed registration form is the best way to do that!


To download the form please click on the link above. (Note that you do not have to sign up to Dropbox to download the form. Just close the sign in box when it pops up if you do not wish to create a Dropbox account)

If you have any queries about online player registration please do not hesitate to contact me. 


If you have any player registration issues please contact Lawrie Forrester.


If you have any technical problems with the form please contact Lee Ward.


If you have any other issues with the above then please contact Cheryl Miles.